Whether building or renovating your current home, traversing the world of contractors, kitchen suppliers, painters, furniture and decor and budgets can be daunting and sometimes downright frustrating. Timelines seem to bend to the will of everyone but the homeowners, budgets can explode with a few small choices, and understadning how to speak the language to get the end result you want can  be overwhelming.

At Suite Envy we have built, renovated, and finished the interiors of homes ranging from small quaint cabins to behemoth 'cottages' on the big 3 to downtown condos, semis and moderate city homes. We have helped our clients make literally hundreds of 1000's of choices to ensure their vision comes to life. We are the experts who can be your sounding board, your advocate, your champion and somedays your therapists as your complete the build or remodel. If you are hiring an expert to build the walls, make sure you also have an expert to help manage the project fromstart to finish. 

Design Project Management